Yoko Iyeiri (ed.), Aspects of English Negation (John Benjamins, 2005)





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Introduction: Studies on English Negation and the Present Volume
Yoko Iyeiri

Part I: Aspects of Negation in the History of English

Negative Constructions in Old English: The Question of Cynewulf’s Authorship
Jun Terasawa

Variable Features of Negative Elements in Old English Psalter Glosses
Michiko Ogura

On Grammaticalization of Negative Adverbs, with Special Reference to Jespersen’s Cycle Recast
OHKADO Masayuki

“I not say” Once Again: A Study of the Early History of the “not + finite verb” Type in English
Yoko Iyeiri

Decline of Multiple Negation Revisited
Hideo Nishimura

A History of the Negative Interrogative do in Seventeenth- to Nineteenth-Century Diaries and Correspondence
Fujio Nakamura

Part II: Aspects of Negation in Present-day English

Negative Concord in British English Dialects
Lieselotte Anderwald

No, nay, never: Negation in Tyneside English
Joan C. Beal & Karen P. Corrigan

A Corpus-based Study of the haven’t NP Pattern in American English
Naohiro Takizawa

Negation in African American Vernacular English
Darin Howe

Subjective Meanings of Except-linkage in Present-day English in Comparison with Including
Mitsumi Uchida

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