Mitsumi Uchida, Yoko Iyeiri & Lawrence Schourup (eds.), Language Contact and Variation in the History of English (Kaitakusha, 2017)

本書は、専門分野の論文集です。英語史研究会の冊子シリーズ、Studies in the History of the English Languageの第7号目として、言語接触の視点から英語史上のさまざまなテーマを掘り下げたLanguage Contact and Variation in the History of English を出版しました。本ブログの管理者である家入も編集者の一人になっています。


Studies in the History of the English Languageの既刊号のリストはこちら


Editors and Contributors  

Preface (Mitsumi Uchida, Yoko Iyeiri & Lawrence Schourup)

Translation of Biblical Texts                                                                     

Caxton’s Golden Legend: How Many Translators? (John Scahill)

Characteristics of the Glosses to the Latin Pronoun Is in the Gospel According to St. Matthew in the Lindisfarne Gospels and Their Implication for the Development of the Third Person Plural Pronouns in English (Yoshitaka Kozuka)   

Contact Found in Various Texts                                                                

The Spelling and Syntax of Doubt in Early Modern English: Variation and Latin Influence (Yoko Iyeiri)

For and Because: A Comparative Study of Causal Conjunctions in Caxton’s Paris and Vienne and Three French Versions of the Same Text (Mitsumi Uchida & Yoko Iyeiri) 

Contact across Generations                                                                      

How Viking Descendants Reshaped the English Vocabulary (Joseph Emonds & Jan Terje Faarlund)

Intermittence of Short-distance Cliticization in QPs: A Case Study of Language Change from the North (Tomohiro Yanagi)   

English as a Foreign Language in Earlier Days                                      

Voltaire’s English: Forms of Adjective Comparison (Yasutaka Imai)